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Have you seen this cat?

Juggling is my favorite indoor sport. Besides throwing two, three and four sacks around, devil sticks are a great deal of fun. Other gear in my arsenal includes the diabolo and plate. An excellent store in Washington, DC, is the Juggling Capitol in the Old Post Office. The owner (Neil Stammer) said that there is another store in San Francisco, but I haven't verified that personally.

Outdoors, I like mountain biking and hiking in the Catskills. Most hikers in Albany, NY go to the Adirondaks for their outdoor pleasure. Sure, those mountains are steeper, and there are a lot more cool pines, but it's twice as far to drive and much more crowded parking. I'll take the Catskills for the mountaintop cherry trees, slippery rocks and solitude. Canoeing in Vermont is another pleasant summer and autumn diversion.

Touch my monkey!

If you're into biology, but hate the smell! Check out the online frog dissection!

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